KFMW Rock 108’s “Get Off My Lawn” Challenge

The challenge was on in Cedar Rapids to sell Rock 108 limited edition “Get Off My Lawn, Ya Bastard” t-shirts. Rock 108’s Program Director Russ Mottla challenged listeners to purchase 100 shirts within a one-week period. If the challenge was achieved, Afternoon Jock Ned would get a bucket of ice water poured on his head just like the ice bucket challenges. Once the challenge was out it got more interesting… P-1 Listener, Tom Carman jumped in offering to drive his front-end loader to Cedar Rapids and fill the ENTIRE bucket with ice water to dump instead of a bucket! Needless to say, the challenge was met and here came the water!

The ‘Get Off My Lawn Ya Bastard!’ t-shirts benefit not only local business and local radio, but also a charity, Iowa Giving Crew which assists the community in a variety of ways.

There’s still time to purchase your GOML t-shirt, just click the button below.