Central Nebraska St. Jude Radiothon Blueprint for Others

NRG Media is pleased to announce with all of the COVID-19 disruptions and restrictions in place, our Central Nebraska team at Y102 with the support of our four other stations were still able to raise $122,436 for the kids at St. Jude. AMAZING effort considering our current circumstances! The amount raised in 2020 puts us solidly over a MILLION dollars raised over four years. From St. Jude, “This has been an unprecedented, never done before feat by your team. Most other stations (groups) were forced to CANCEL their events entirely. St. Jude is using your event as a new blueprint for how to do this right now, in the times we are in.”

Thank you to Scott, Lisa, Melissa and EVERYBODY else who helped make the Central Nebraska St. June Radiothon a success! We are proud of our whole team here in Central Nebraska!