Radio Life in Difficult Times

With everything going on right now, radio is pretty busy doing what it does best – serving local communities and advertisers.  Whenever there is a crisis, radio steps up.  Radio can do that because of the passion and dedication to their local community shared by everyone working in radio.  That passion and dedication is a large part of why radio is so important to people.  It’s real.  You can’t teach it and you can’t fake it – that’s why people chose radio for a career, or maybe why the career chose them.

The two items below demonstrate the principles above.  The first is a quote from Jeff Schmidt, Senior Vice President at the Radio Advertising Bureau.  The second is a Tweet from Tonya Haze Midday host on WGLX, Classic Rock 103.3 and also evenings on Hot 96.7 WHTQ in NRG Media’s Wausau/Stevens Point market.

Tonya, thanks for everything you are doing – and thanks to EVERYONE in radio stepping up to help in difficult times.

Special thanks to everyone at NRG Media for everything you do, now and every day.  We appreciate you!


“Local radio is going to do what is in the best interest of their communities and their customers. We’re a scrappy bunch. I have all the faith in the world that radio will rise to the occasion and do what they do best, which is show their strength in the local community and super-serve their local and national customers.”
– Jeff Schmidt, Senior Vice President, Radio Advertising Bureau