Omaha’s KQKQ-FM Collects 98.5 Miles of Toilet Paper

Omaha’s KQKQ-FM teamed up with Omaha’s Open Door Mission to collect toilet paper for local shelters. The newly launched morning show Nikki & Laura sat on a porcelain throne outside the studios in snow and 20-degree temperatures, until 98.5 miles of toilet paper was collected. That’s 1,709 rolls. Now that’s a creative idea!

Nikki Oswald commented, “I am overwhelmed with the response from our listeners. It went way beyond my expectations, and the toilet paper is still coming in.” Laura Blenkush added, “This is incredible. I’m so appreciative of our listeners for donating so much toilet paper so fast, and for getting me out of the cold and back inside the studios.”

Each day, Open Door Mission’s campus offers 917 safe, shelter beds to people experiencing homelessness, serves over 4,747 nutritious meals to feed the hungry, and provides homeless preventive resources to more than 1,000 people living in poverty to empower them to remain in their own homes.