An Open Letter from Mary Quass, NRG President & CEO


At NRG Media there IS a reason our logo brands us as Great Local Radio – because that IS what we do, and IS the reason we are in business.  I was fortunate enough to start my radio career many years ago at a local radio station where I learned how important a radio station was to the community.  It wasn’t just about selling advertising and doing crazy promotions – it was about staying on the air in times of crisis; providing relevant and important information to the community.  Someone asked me why I love radio, and I knew years ago it was because we mattered to our listeners – not just by being a part of the community, but also as a friend to a late night caller who made it through the night because the Jock cared enough to talk the listener into letting us send help.
Today, Great Local Radio is still relevant and a part of the lives of the communities we serve because we are symbiotically tied to our community in ways that matter.  Local means we like our community and its businesses. We like living here, we want our town to grow, to be safe and have great schools, and with great opportunities to work and build a career, raise a family and someday retire.  When we talk to our advertisers, we can look them in the eye and say we are tied to each other’s success.  The better they do, the better we do, and the better the community is.  We can grow and look forward to tomorrow.
Local to us means we see our clients and listeners at the grocery stores, the kids’ soccer fields and at church and community celebrations.  Our NRG Media staff lives IN the towns and communities where our stations broadcast and can relate to the challenges our communities face, because we are a part of the community.
At NRG we care about our communities and freely give millions of dollars in air time AND countless volunteer hours to serve the needs of our towns in real time.  This is where we CHOOSE to be. We believe in our team members and care about serving the communities they love. We believe in offering them a chance to grow their careers and make better lives.  We believe that’s more important than cutting expenses.  We believe that by serving our local communities we will ALL grow.
I applaud and respect each and every one of our team in every one of our markets, and am proud to work for them.  Every day they make a difference in the communities they serve and share the vision of NRG Media….GREAT LOCAL RADIO.