NRG Omaha Creates Campaign for Centris Federal Credit Union

NRG Omaha created a campaign for Centris Federal Credit Union. Centris is interested in being the place college grads can go to find answers, all under the heading of “Adulting”. The campaign is unique, highly targeted, interactive, includes social media and personality influences, and very funny. The videos currently on their website are “ramp ups” to the actual campaign. There will be on-air “personality influencer” commercials where Chef West and Twitty talk about the topic. The topic and video will change about every two weeks to another financial topic.

This is Adulting: Are You Game?

Our friends, Twitty and Chef West, from Power1069 recently asked University of Nebraska at Omaha students some questions about adulting. Do YOU know what a CD is? For more videos, check out

Posted by Centris Federal Credit Union on Friday, November 8, 2019