Rock 108 Launches $250K Perfect Playlist Contest

Rock 108 in Hiawatha, IA began their “Rock 108 $250,000 Perfect Playlist” contest on Friday, October 18, giving Rock 108 Nation listeners a chance to win $250,000 by arranging a list of Rock 108 artists into the “Perfect Playlist.” To play, listeners sign up on-line for a chance to play weekday mornings at 7am with CC and afternoons at 3:00p with Ned. CC and Ned will announce the name of one listener who signed up; giving them 10 minutes to call back and arrange the perfect playlist. If the listener doesn’t call back within 10 minutes, Caller 8 gets a chance to arrange the perfect playlist and a chance to win the $250,000. Rock 108 isn’t letting contestants walk away empty handed. Each contestant receives a coveted limited edition “Rock 108 Screwed Me Out of $250,000” t-shirt worth about $10. The contest runs through November 27. 

Program Director Russ Mottla says, “we think this is a real market disrupter; nobody is on the air with anything close to a $250,000 prize but we believe the real gem is the T-shirt. Only a select few can claim they got “screwed” by their favorite radio station!”