LA Writer Says the “Best Radio Station in the Country” is in Iowa

According to Richard Wagoner, a freelance columnist who covers radio in Southern California, “the best radio station in the country” is in Iowa. Specifically, in Waterloo/Cedar Rapids – Rock 108. Here are a few quotes from the article in the Whittier Daily News:

“The DJs were good, and didn’t sound canned or limited like you might expect in a smaller town. They were every bit as professional — maybe even more — than the DJs here in Los Angeles.”

“The station is also actively involved in the local communities it serves, including the promotion of local music at venues around the area. In a nutshell, the station is exactly what radio is supposed to be: entertaining, creative, and broadcasting to benefit the local community.”

“First off, the station is local. It is owned by a NRG Media, a company that owns only 45 stations total throughout four states: Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Illinois.”

Sounds like Great Local Radio.

Congratulations to everyone at Rock 108!